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SUTURE POLYSORB C-13 3/0 19mm 75CM BX36

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SUTURE POLYSORB C-13 3/0 19mm 75CM BX36

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SUTURE POLYSORB C-13 3/0 19mm 75CM BX36


Polysorb™ Braided Absorbable Sutures

POLYSORB™ sutures are composed of LACTOMER™ glycolide/lactide copolymer which is a synthetic polyester composed of glycolide and lactide (derived from glycolic and lactic acids). POLYSORB™ sutures are prepared by coating the suture with a mixture of a caprolactone/glycolide copolymer and calcium stearoyl lactylate. POLYSORB™ sutures are colored violet to increase visibility and are also available undyed. POLYSORB™ sutures meet all requirements established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the European Pharmacopeia (EP) except for minor variations in suture diameter.

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