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H-B-VAX II is a vaccine used to
help prevent hepatitis B. The vaccine
can be given to newborns, infants,
children, teenagers and adults.
Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver
caused by the hepatitis B virus
(HBV). It can be caught by coming
into contact with an infected person's
blood, semen, vaginal secretions,
saliva or other body fluids. For
example, if these infected fluids enter
your blood stream through a cut in
your skin, you could become
infected. Other situations that could
lead to infection include:
• being born to a mother who
carries the HBV
• sexual contact with someone who
is infected

• living in the same house as

someone who is infected
• close family contact, for example,
sharing razors or toothbrushes
• having a job that involves
exposure to human blood or body
fluids, for example, some health
care workers
• sharing needles for injecting
• travelling to areas where hepatitis
B is common
People who have hepatitis B may not
look or feel sick when infected. In
fact, a person could be infected by
the virus six weeks to six months
before symptoms occur. Some people
develop mild, flu-like symptoms.
Others may become very ill and
extremely tired, develop yellowing of
the skin and/or eyes (also called
jaundice), dark urine and other
symptoms that require
Most people recover completely from
the HBV infection. However, there
are some people, particularly
children, who may not have
symptoms but continue to carry the
virus in their blood. They are called
chronic carriers. These chronic
carriers are infectious and can spread
the disease to others throughout their
Babies who are infected with the
HBV at birth, almost always go on to
become chronic carriers. The
infection at birth is silent, and the
babies appear healthy and continue to
remain healthy for many years.
However, after 30, 40 or 50 years
they can become unwell and develop
the symptoms described above.

All chronic carriers run the risk of
developing serious liver disease, such
as cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) or
liver cancer.
Vaccination is recommended for
adults who are at substantial risk of
hepatitis B virus infection.
H-B-VAX II works by causing your
body to produce its own protection
by making disease-fighting
substances (antibodies) to fight the
HBV. If a vaccinated person comes
into contact with HBV, the body is
usually ready, and produces
antibodies to destroy the virus.
However, as with all vaccines, 100%
protection against hepatitis B cannot
be guaranteed.
Because hepatitis B infection can go
undetected for a long period of time,
it is possible that an individual may
already be infected at the time the
vaccine is given. The vaccine may
not prevent hepatitis B in these

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